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Shalom Technologies Shop outlet

Shalom shop outlet is situated at Mulot-Sunset along Narok-Bomet highway near the bridge bordering Narok south district and Bomet district. The outlet is one of the best shops supplying mobile phones and accessories at reduced prices and mainly engaged in dealing with original handsets. There are also varieties of items like household goods, computers, and bureau services offered within one roof. There are other variety of goods which one may find nice if happen to visit the premise. There is also a wide trust by customers to the outlet goods and its experienced staff where customers are served and are given briefing on how to use the items bought.One of the best reception is the customer relations staff who is also among the directors of the company -Mrs Fancy Korir who is always quick to attend to customer's needs. The following is a short price list of items: Nokia 1280-Original = 2,000/= Nokia C1- Original = 4800/= Wing W8120 =2,800/= Wing W32 =2,800/= Nokia 1616-Original =2300/= Kabambe V150 =999/= Discovery battery =480/= There are other items within the premise and one may contact the premise for further inquiries. Also due to the market price fluctuation, there is frequent change of prices of goods and commodities and customers are adviced to check for the latest adjustments.Welcome to Shalom and you will notice a change.

Shalom Restaurant

Shalom Restaurant is situated along Bomet-Narok highway just next to Rehema Fashions. This is one of the best restaurant in Mulot town offering a variety of dishes including Nyama Choma and Pilau. Snacks are of the highest quality where chapati is the order of the day for most customers. Dishes are prepared by qualified cooks trained locally and elsewhere with wide range of experience. Waiters are neat and upto the point familiar with the dishes and always ready to serve customers. Hospitality is within the faces of the staff and always ready to handle every need of the customer. What is more important is the deliciousness of food where quality and cleanliness is observed. Every staff is always ready to handle any arising complain where the Manager Mr Geoffrey Korir is always available to sort out issues affecting the customers. Samwel Keter is among the best staff, him being cashier of the day. Meet Charlie who is always quick waiter to serve you. Long live Shalom. Welcome to Shalom and enjoy your meal.

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Achieving Success with Your Mobile Phone

If achieving success online with a mobile phone is a goal of yours you'll be interested in knowing it will simply take more drive then talent. That's right; surfing to make money require more of your resolve then it does you learning new skills. In fact the key to success in making yours the best mobile using in your chosen niche will weigh more heavily upon your efforts then it will depend upon your talent. If you stop and consider most popular people are those that connect frequently and find fresh and interesting content and on a consistent basis. Think about that! What goes into accomplishing those tasks? Research, diligence, and persistence! Now let's consider the type of planning you need to do and mindset you'll need to acquire to make your home business the success YOU want. List Your Goals & Objectives Be realistic by choosing objectives that you can achieve. Keep them with you for constant reference and as a reminder. It is important here from a personal development standpoint to set goals that match up well with your talents and ambition. Targeting objectives that do not challenge you however, will therefore not motivate you and as a result bringing out your best is not likely to happen. Continually challenge yourself, overcome these challenges and move on to even more challenging goals. This is how you'll build a bigger and better business. Think big and you'll accomplish big but if you think small …nothing will happen! Dispel Negative Thinking Surfing results do not occur over night but instead take time to develop before you're able to see the fruits of your labor. It is during these times on 'non-visual' results that the evil demons on negative thinking can plant their seeds and side track or derail our actions. -This type of thinking will only clutter your mind, fog your thinking, and dampen your spirit. Winners think positively and move forward while 'others' think of why they can't succeed and ultimately find that negative thinking is usually the reason why. -Always think positively but remember to add just a dash of realism! If mistakes occur learn from them but don't dwell on them! Make Your Own Luck I regard the word 'luck' as often times meaning what happens when careful preparation and the proper mindset meets skillful execution. You sight your objectives, you plan how to meet those objectives and then you implement your plan and bingo objectives met! Now where's the luck in that? Achieving success with a home business surfing is not the result of learning an art or being technologically savvy. No, surfing to make money is more about persistence. If you got the resolve then you possess the key to success in making yours the best surfing opportunity in your niche. Once you've achieved that you've achieved the independence you no doubt were seeking! Congratulations!

Community Action

Every continent, country and province has a unique story to tell about the lives of gender equality. Business Club offers us the safe space to share these stories and work together to find solutions for global problems. As we await the developments in Kenya, I am inviting you to participate in a global campaign to highlight the violation of the rights of women in your community through posting stories from your countries, commenting on stories written by other members, and providing and sharing solutions to upholding the rights of everyone - including the rights of gender equality. I encourage community members to take a close look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and explore the implications of denying women their rights. During this campaign, members should take stock of how far the legislation in their own countries protects such rights. Our discussions should be solutions-oriented and aimed at changing attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that lead to violence against women rights.

Article Writing As a Career

Today article writing is one of the major areas of outsourcing to US companies. Companies usually don’t have time to write about themselves so they give the contract of writing to other companies, which in turn hires content writers to write high quality articles. Article writers follow just one simple motive that is providing relevant text to the websites that can grab the attention of the reader. Web article writing is another aspect of article writing in which as a writer you caliber lies in writing content that attract and engage visitors so they start exploring the client’s website. Internet article writing is very different from writing for print materials such as newspapers and magazines as they only look for breaking news that is why, what, when, where, who and how, but a internet writer, unlike them, should carefully look for words that can lure readers, words which can hook the readers and can grab their attention.


This year, in an effort to unite the Kenyan communities and really dig deep into topics that matter to them, we are kicking off a series of Action Blogging Campaigns. These campaigns will allow our communities to unite through collaborative dialogue around urgent topics and direct calls to action. Kenya’s cohesive bill is slated to come before parliament . We invite you to participate in a national campaign to highlight the ways of promoting peace and co-existence in the country.

Mulot Supreme Market

Located 3 hours along Narok-Bomet highway (take the bus service that leaves from the Railway Station), Bomet Line (Shuttle), is a 250 kilometer away from Nairobi. While the area surrounding tends to be dry during the summers, at the opposite of this area is a tropical jungle that remains humid all year round. But the main attraction of this location is the thousands of businessmen and women that call this area a business spot. For the adventurous, a daily tour is offered at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday to descend halfway towards the west, and watch as the thousands business people wake up and ascend in unison out of there far homes. Activities include selling of maize, cows, beans etc.

Strange Visit

You had just arrived at the town of Mulot, Bomet, Riftvalley half an hour ago. Now you are on a highway snaking its way upwards 2500 meters, on your way to Kericho, the home of green tea and the central meeting ground for the local indigenous people called the Kalenjins. On your right you can see the world falling away as you get closer to the clouds. It is your first time here. You have read the travel guides, and searched the internet for things to do. Everywhere you looked you ran across the same things, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru. But you want something different. You want to see the real green area, and visit places that are not overflowing with tour groups. As you look out at the sky you see two green streaks. As you focus in on them you realize that it is actually a pair of parakeets flying towards some unknown location. "Where did they come from?" you wonder....


Self-determination is the free choice of one’s own acts without external compulsion. In the society, it is seen as the freedom of the people of a given territory or national grouping to determine their own social status and how they will be governed without undue influence from any other society. There are conflicting definitions and legal criteria for determining which groups may legitimately claim the right to self-determination.


You may realize that your self confidence is not as good as it could be, but do you know how to create your self esteem and overcome debts, fears and limitations in your life? When you realize its time to start working on your self confidence, don't waste any time trying to figure out why you ended up with poor self esteem in the first place. Whether you know the reason or not, I urge you to not spend a minute thinking about it. It’s like the chicken and the egg thing; which came first? Who cares; it doesn’t matter! Self confidence and self hardworking is basically the same thing and its all about how you feel about yourself. When you learn how to improve self esteem, you improve how you feel about yourself and you change your life economically. Interestingly, improving your self esteem will also improve how other people feel about you and how you perform. Linked to the feeling of self esteem is also the feeling of self worth and the ability to believe in your own abilities. The better you feel about yourself and the more you work extra hard, the more you'll see what you are capable of. Studies show that a strong self confidence can be linked to financial success and success in relationships. It is only common sense; for one, if you don't believe in yourself why should other people believe in you. Secondly, if you are in a relationship and you don't like or love yourself very much, you are making it much harder for the other person to love you. When you learn how to improve self esteem and work hard, you also become more likely to take some chances and try something new because you are no longer certain you will fail. Taking some chances can get you great results in business and it makes you stand out as someone who is innovative and has courage. Taking some chances in your personal life takes you a little bit outside your comfort zone and introduces you to new and exiting things and people. Making the choice to improve self esteem is making the choice to improve life. Confident people are not afraid to go after what they want and create the life of their dreams. If you have lived a life in the shadow of your low self esteem you may not even know what it is you want because you never dared to dream of what you could not have. With increased self confidence you have the chance to go out and find your dream. You can find out what is really is you want in life and go after it. Even more importantly; you can discover who you really are. To improve self esteem is not to never ever feel insecure again. Everybody feels insecure in certain situations, but the difference is that the confident person never looses the feeling of self worth and love he has for himself, even when has feeling some insecurity. If you are suffering from poor self confidence, the best thing you can do for yourself and the people around you is to start working on it. To learn how to improve self esteem and succeed in life is the first step in claiming your happiness, and it really can make your life a much better one.